So I’ve been listening to Linkin Park’s The Catalyst today via their Youtube channel, and it got me thinking. Not just about Linkin Park’s new sound, but the song’s message. To me, the song has two ideas: that war/violence is rampant in the world and we’re killing the Earth. Of course I could be wrong. You tell me.

What I was thinking about was the concept of war. Is war always a bad thing? The knee-jerk answer is yes. People die, countries are destroyed, regions of the world fall into despair and poverty. However, when there’s something worth fighting for, things change. It all becomes for a greater purpose. So when is war bad and when is war good? When is it pointless and when is it for a clear cut reason? I can’t tell you, and I’m sure you can’t tell me.

It seems to me as though in certain contexts, violence is okay. I would love to live in an ideal world where war didn’t exist, but I can see why it happens. I can almost see why it’s necessary. But that still doesn’t make it okay. Maybe we should just have a word for war when it’s okay. Maybe then I can wrap my head around it.

Have a listen to The Catalyst. Tell me what you think.


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