Fluff and I-pod apps – A review

I just tried out the FREE-cheapo- Harry Potter Spells app, after painstaking waiting, I might add. I opened it up and practically hopped around with glee at how COOL it looked. You even get to pick a wand for yourself and everything! Mine was a light-coloured wood with a sort of resin laced over it. SUPER cool. I was so excited! Then I got sorted…into Slytherin :/ You can try again though, and after four tries I finally got Hufflepuff. It seems the sorting depends on what you do. ANOTHER cool thing: when you move around from the horizontal-axis, the wand ROLLS AROUND on your main screen (which is decked out in house colours).

Then to the actual game play: the learning of the spells. This is pretty cool, if repetitive. I was really impressed with the Alohamora spell: you actually unlock a door. The other two(yes, two is all you get free) send off a beam of light with some impressive sound effects. Then you get to practice your spells(just in case you forgot the symbols for your ALL of THREE spells).

Then, you get to duel. This would be much cooler if I could use more than two spells. You can’t use Alohamora to protect yourself after all. So I’m sitting here, throwing Expelliarmus and Body Bind Curses at an opponent whose stunning and Sectumsemperaing me. Jooooy. At least if I got Protego I wouldn’t die so quickly. Sigh.

So the Review?

Good: the effects and look of the game, voice overs, the symbols(I only had three so don’t take this too literally)
Bad: the number and caliber of spells you’re given for free.

Advice: If you get the Free version of this app…splurge and buy the spell packs for $0.99 each.


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