Recom. Package #1 – 14/08/10 – Graphics

So I like graphics. And by graphics I mean message board icons. However, also web design and photo manipulation. I also happen to be a cheapo and therefore love all things free and GPL 😛 Here’s a few sites/programs I stalk all the time. And I claim NO responsibility for any damages that occur with use of these products. Use at your own risk and make sure it’s from the official site.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

This is an image manipulation program/graphics program for 2D images and basic graphic drawings. It is a GPL (General Public License) program created by several talented programmers. It’s free(of course), is constantly being improved(plus), included optional filters(super plus) and it’s legal(YAY). Although it is not as user-friendly and easy to use as some of the major graphics creation software out there, I find with a little effort and with time, the effects produced by a profit-based program can be achieved using GIMP.


This is another GPL program created by the peeps who made GIMP. It’s specifically for 3D modeling and animation. I’m not very familiar with it yet, but it has great potential! Make sure you have lots of ROM left if you decide to download it though. It’s HUGE!

Obsidian Dawn

My major source for cool, usable brushes. Everything you need to make a photo POP or a graphic interesting. Plus…the brushes can be used both in Photoshop and GIMP!

FoxRichards’s Facemaker

Just a really cool manga-style face maker. For when you need to flesh out a character’s appearance.

That’s it for today! Have fun and remember to beware when you download stuff! I always am 😀


3 thoughts on “Recom. Package #1 – 14/08/10 – Graphics

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