My Sister’s Keeper (movie) Review

I watched “My Sister’s Keeper” a couple of days ago. It really is good. For those of you who have never heard of the movie(:O), it’s about a young girl with cancer. But it’s not just any cancer-related movie. In desperation, this girl’s parents had a “donor child” who’s purpose it would be to donate anything necessary to their cancer-stricken daughter, Kate. One day, when Kate needs a kidney transplant, the donor child, Anna, decides she doesn’t want to give it to her. And she sues her parents. So the movie is really about an obsessive mother, a dying but morally strong girl, a girl fighting for more than she was born for, a passive father and a dyslectic shadow-child: Kate and Anna’s brother, Jesse.

It sounds like it’s going to be good right? There’s a moral struggle that a pre-teen girl must face: donate her kidney to her sister and give up a normal life or refuse to donate the kidney, stay healthy and let her sister die. However, I had never anticipated that I would feel as bad as I did for all the characters. It’s more than just a legal battle or even a moral one. It’s a really, deeply tragic story.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but there were things that I had never expected to see or feel watching it. I didn’t even know there was a brother involved! But I definitely recommend it to everyone who really cares. The acting is brilliant for the most part, the cinematography is great and the story will blow your mind.

The only downside is if you cry at movies, you’ll definitely cry watching this one 🙂


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