Recom. Package #3 – 06/09/2010 – Art Blogs

1. Craft Gawker

It’s not really a blog- but it’s still amazing! The number of ideas I got by looking at the site every day was amazing! It’s a really great way to get the juices flowing during those LONG holidays 😀 I don’t really remember who introduced it to me, but it’s probably one of the others on this list!

2. Life and Art of Andrea Rodgers

She’s AWESOME! Not to mention the fact that a few food posts grace the site too! My absolute favourite is her Artist of the Day posts 🙂 They make my happy, lol.

3. The Art Sandwich

Sooooooooo good! Lots of DIY ideas and of course, FOOD. Gettit? Art and sandwiches? hehe.

4. In Limbo

Not exactly an Art Blog, but she does post a LOT of craft ideas! Besides, she’s interesting 😛


5. Chris Floyd: Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances.

Not really an art blog(AGAIN), but it IS a photo blog! And by a very, very, awesome photographer. Pssssssst…there’s celeb pics too! lol

Random tantrum: Are there no other cool WordPress Themes out there??!?

Look out for some excerpts from my Nano novel!


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