Don’t you hate it when your hands are shaking?

I know it’s incredibly random, but at this very moment, I’m attempting to outline a bit of text on a pre-sketched drawing and I’m failing miserably. Unfortunately, I’m outlining in PEN, so it does matter. And why am I failing? My hands won’t stop shaking.

Now I’m writing this post in an attempt to figure out why my own hands are out to get me >_< On the plus side, they seemed to have calmed down a bit which should make things easier. But while they were shaking, I figured out a few things that helped at the time.

1. Change positions. Your hands might be shaking because you’re too tense and all your weight is on your hands. Equals instability.

2. Stop focusing on the line so much! Let your hand flow naturally rather than follow a predefined path.

3. Relax your shoulders! It actually feels so much easier to draw when your shoulder isn’t locked in a particular position.

4. Do something else to forget about it! Like I am now. I’m blogging!


Evidently, this post didn’t really have any purpose. Just what’s on my mind.

Random tit-bit: We R who we R- Kesha is an awesome song 😛


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