Recommendation-Gander at Greyson Chance

Yes the kid who got a shot on Ellen and walked away with a record deal. And also the kid with the Justin Beiber haircut. I’m happy to say though, that the similarities with Beiber end there. Despite the inevitable comparisons between the two, there is a noticeable lack of commercially viable fakeness in Greyson’s persona and music.  His recently released single “Waiting Outside the Lines” is definitely the kind of music I expected from him- and in this case, it’s a very good thing. Although it could be argued that the chorus has a relatively familiar tune, the verses are quite unique in terms of pitch changes and emotion. In any case, I like it, and I suppose if you’re reading this post, you’ll respect my opinion.

As for the music video. There are some good things and some bad things, outlined below. Watch the video here.


1. Art Direction– even though the entirety of Greyson’s bits looked as though they were shot in front of a green screen of some sort, the backgrounds sure were pretty and the little artistic touches in the video really make a difference. There’s a shot on what I presume is a New York roof which is very pretty and the cars/people shots are quite artistic and entertaining.

2. I want that piano! – yes, this should probably go in the above slot, but the piano almost made the first minute of the video impossible to tear my eyes away from. Seriously, how cool is it? Paired with the matching wristbands on Greyson’s arm while he was playing, everything fit in very well up to this point.

3. Emotion/in the momentness – for lack of a better word. Greyson’s performance in the video was surprisingly realistic. He was believable and didn’t seem fake, even if he was signing to a camera. It was refreshing-almost like someone whipped out a camera and lots of lights while he was on stage. ALMOST. The end was particularly well done.


1. The groupie references- Its all going well and you start to like the mood the video is taking-and then it all goes bad. The Beiber videos erupt in my mind as a very young girl stops in the street to gawk at Greyson’s mad piano playing skills. And it gets worse when it suddenly blurs into a crowd of girls fawning around him in a circle, way too close and yet too restrained for it to make any sense. Though curiously, there’s a sort of yellowy filter over it which suggests to me that its a dream/wish sort of thing? Either way, I didn’t enjoy it.

2. Cliché rain moment – and then the rain falls down…and drowns the boy. Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but despite the determination of music videos(or their directors?) to include manufactured rain, this could have worked.  If the drops had been smaller and the rain more of a light shower phasing into harder rain. It looked a little painful to be honest. Yes, I know they had the slow motion shot of the rain drops falling(which was pretty cool to be honest) but those drops were HUGE. You could barely see Greyson’s face in this bit unless it was a close up shot. The close-ups  were a wee bit cheesy.

So that’s what I thought. Hide your eyes when the little girl stops by lol.

If you think I’m wrong, or you have something to add, go ahead and comment! Of course, if you decide to be degrading, then your post won’t be getting approved. Just saying. Let’s be civilized.

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