The Relative Truth

So this was just something I was thinking about. I’m still experimenting with the art directed posts though. Tell me what you think. And for the convenience of those with mobile readers, a text version.

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The truth is relative- everyone has their own version of the truth so only hard facts can be absolute. For example: someone might be saying something that is not a fact but won’t be lying because he honestly believes it is true.

So what is the truth to the general public? is it the truth acknowledged by the majority or by the person in case? And if the latte is true, does the truth then become a vague term to be used in courtrooms? While a witness must not lie, keep things from the court she/ he may still give non factual evidence provided he/she believes it’s the truth – not based on anyone else’s opinion.
Honestly, if the truth is relative, then it really shouldn’t be used as evidence. The relative truth will explain why someone did something but it won’t explain who did it or when. Only hard core facts should be used in that case.

That’s it for today. Now all I have to say is this:

In no way is this a justification of lying. You must tell the truth whenever possible-even if the truth is relative. The one thing the truth can explain accurately is feelings. So feel and speak about those feelings truthfully.


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