PostAWeek Topic: Do You(I) Want to Live Forever?

This is a new art directed post inspired by a particular PostADay topic. I think this is the best art directed post I’ve done so far! Especially because I did the digital art for it with only a laptop touch pad. Which is why my cars look like flying shoes. But that’s besides the point.

I’ve been thinking I should take an advertising class to improve my presentation skills. In the meantime, I seem to be improving. Yay! Any how, hope you enjoy my thoughts. I’d love to know what you think.

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There are two parts to this answer: the upside and the downside. The upside of living forever would be seeing how the world will change over the next 1000 years(assuming we can live here that long) especially on the technology side of things. It would be amazing to be alive when we have walking, talking robots and flying cars like we were supposed to have by now. Unfortunately, sci-fi was a little bit ahead of its time.

On the other hand, life is special because it’s so short. What point is there in living if you don’t ever get to leave something worthwhile behind? Your lifes work would be continually added to and changed and you will wind up never being satisfied. Not to mention the sadness of living forever while all your friends and family pass away around you. You’ll have many friends, but as the number of friends increase so will your sadness and solitude.
So here’s my problem. On one side it’s technology and on the other it’s humanity. This may be the real question that I continually ask myself. Is there really a possibility to combine human technological advancement with all the good, human values I try to sustain within myself?
Perhaps it’s a question we all need to ask ourselves.

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