The Burning in the Skies Music Video is What I Wanted to See From Linkin Park

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Ever since I first listened to the Full Experience: A Thousand Suns, a sort of movie plays in my head when I hear a Linkin Park song. At times in the day, when I’m alone, it blossoms into a musical of sorts. When I listen to it at night, it becomes a series of short films. I’ve entertained this materialization of the album for a long time, because I heard it before any of the other videos came out. At the time, my view of A Thousand Suns was unmolested by anyone else’s artistic view and so I was free to imagine as I pleased.

Slowly, one music video would come out after the other and I would not have my vision conceptualized. This is not to say I did not enjoy Joe Hahn’s work, in fact, I came to love the videos because they showcase the music in a truly artistic light-much more so than my own ideas. Still, I needed my vision to be fulfilled in some fashion and today that happened!

The video for Burning in the Skies is much less ambiguous than Waiting for the End and less forceful than The Catalyst but this does not detract from it at all. It my vision, from a different perspective. It is still artistic, it is still poignant, and above all, it is Linkin Park. There are some elements from the last two videos as well. The only shots involving the band members have the same sort of art direction as Waiting for the End and the slow motion of the video towards the middle is reminiscent of The Catalyst.

My absolute favourite scene in the video is the clip of the girl who was studying falling back in her chair. You can tell she really did it by the shockwaves when she hits the floor. I felt her pain. It was awesome. There is still some ambiguity in the video-mostly due to the lack of explanation of who these people are-but I think that’s necessary to make the video memorable. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly happened, so I think that part was achieved. All in all, I think my sentiments can be summed up in these words:

Thank you, Mr Hahn.


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