My Secret Dream

“Otaku” is a word Japanese people use to describe people who tend to obsess over things, usually anime and manga. I fit this description perfectly. This will be a post dedicated to my own obsessions, namely, Linkin Park. Enjoy 😛


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My secret dream is that someday, for no apparent reason and through no wheedling on my part, Linkin Park will play a concert which I will attend. I will not pay for this experience, nor will I see it coming because it is a surprise. For some strange reason this fantasy usually involves the band playing at my school- and only one person totally rocking out: me. Knowing that this is wholly impossible, and understanding(I should hope) the mental processes of the band members I have decided to fangirl about for all eternity, it wouldn’t happen this way anyhow. I would be several times more likely to be on the receiving end of a serenade by Linkin Park at a wonderful green, eco-friendly organization’s fundraiser than a my school. But I can dream can’t I?

I can imagine myself signing along with the songs, in turns swaying and head-banging, all alone in a wave of still people. I can see their furtive glances at me as I cheer at the end of each song until my voice is hoarse. I can also see the band’s annoyance with our mediocre set up for them- there are a few technical problems. Yet still, Mike and Chester sing their hearts out, Brad and Phoenix gives us some wicked melodies, Rob rocks it out and Mr Hahn shows us what it’s like to be properly schooled in rock.
You might be wondering why I imagine myself to be the only one enjoying the music. It is because this is what it feels like to be a Linkin Park fan in a mostly commercial, manufactured world. Alone in a crowd, and throughly enjoying myself. This is not to say that I do not know anyone with similar music tastes-I believe there is one other person who shares my level of Linkin Park fandom. I also managed to either make some of my friends love Linkin Park or absolutely hate them by talking about their music so much. I mentioned the new Transformers 3 deal Mike posted about on his blog only a few days ago. I was happy to see they were pleasantly surprised. 🙂

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