Recommendation- Jessie J

Z100 Presents: Jessie J

Image by jeprox718 via Flickr

The first time I noticed Jessie J was when I saw her video for “Do It Like A Dude“. Despite the vague creepiness and Rihanna-like psychopath movements that made me feel rather uneasy, I loved it. Its the message behind the facade that got to me: anything a boy can do, I can too. It is a message I have lived the majority of my life by and I will continue to do so. It can be argued that her message promotes tom-boy behavior in girls, but honestly, what’s so bad about being a tom-boy? Why is it that females have been given a such strict gender role and rules for “lady-like behavior”? Just as it’s becoming more acceptable for a boy to be outrageous and flamboyant, it should be more acceptable for girls to not conform to their gender role and instead behave more like their natural self.

Coming back to the point, the track, “Do It Like a Dude” was catchy, Jessie’s reggae vibe showed through in the chorus and gave the song a distinctive, unique style that really caught my attention. There was also a hard, slightly grungy tone to it that highlighted her versatility as an artist. She seemed tough and passionate but, ironically, not manly.

The next track that caught my notice was “Price tag”. Not only was it a song about forgoing material possessions in favor of happiness but it featured B.O.B(one of my new favorite rappers). This solidified my interest in Jessie J’s music and message-because actually did have a message behind most of her songs that was respectable and easily distinguishable. Plus, it made me feel a little better about her image(no weird twitching and slightly creepy goth eyelashes).

I recently saw the video for “Nobody’s Perfect”. I love-love-LOVE this song especially because I first heard the live version of the track. The video somehow reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, which I wonder was intentional. Although her style returned to the over-the-top performance of the likes of Lady Gaga(I didn’t get the tar scene much) I still liked this video, and found it less alarming than the Do It Like A Dude video. My favorite part were the scenes where the boxes explode behind her in time with the music. It reminded me of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” video(Amazing!!).

So all the best to Jessie. I’m a fan. Are you?


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