5 Animes/Mangas that should be more famous

This being an otaku’s blog…I figured it was about time I did this. That said, my favorite manga happens to be Bleach, despite the reoccurring battle scenes. And my favorite anime? I think it’s still Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, followed by Blood +. Just sayin’. No hatin’.

1.  Blood +

This is an anime with an honestly unique plot line. It’s definitely something for older, more mature first timers and more seasoned otakus. And by more seasoned, I mean watched a lot of anime and looking for something new.



+unique plot

+well explored characters that grow to feel like real people

+that addictive factor

+intelligent, folk lore type story, reworked into amazing storytelling


-its a bit slow in the beginning. Get past the first 8 episodes and you’ll be fine.

-it takes a while to warm up to some of the characters

-cliffhangers!!! unless you like that stuff(which i do)

-the writer is EVIL. Good for the story, horrible for your nerves.


2. Scrapped Princess

Now although the title immediately puts a childish shojo into your head, this anime develops into a real surprising contender. It’s a little childish in the begginning but the best things in this anime are the characters-for them you’ll continue to watch!


+lovable characters

+robots and sword fights

+interesting undertones of religion and omnipotence of worship and a little bit of religious fanatisism



-first four episodes are a little annoying

-slightly childish acts and childish behaviour of the the main character

3. Eureka Seven

This is one of my absolute favourite animes. It turns from a light-hearted, futuristic, slice-of-life anime into something with a real message. Real characters. A real point. Watch it!


+lovable characters

+character development at every turn and some mystery

+a fairly interesting, unfolding plot


-filler, oh, filler

-violence, slightly sexist undertones

4. Fruits Basket

I can hear the shojo-criers calling! But this is a fairly cute, quirky, less annoying version of a shojo act. I actually read the the manga so I’m not sure how much filler is in the anime, but I still love it.


+characters you want to hug…or hit

+twists and turns


-takes a while to get to the point

-maybe a little to “and they lived happily ever after”

-not completely satisfactory ending

5. Bakuman

This one really is for the Otakus in us! It’s all about two teenage boys trying to become mangakas. What could be a better way to gain an insight into the world we love so much? Plus, there’s bonus content: the story!


+great characterisations

+somehow manages to give itself that “battle manga” quality

+insight into how manga is made

+lots of name drops that get you a little excited and drawn into the story more


-a little repetitive

-sometimes doesn’t make the most sense, but it is about teenagers right?

What are some of your favourite anime and manga? Let me know! If I watch/read it, I’ll definitely feature it! And if you have similar posts, send me a link and we can build a network of OTAKUNESS! MUHAHHAHAHA!



7 thoughts on “5 Animes/Mangas that should be more famous

  1. i started fruits basket but didn’t finish it since i’m trying to finish Naruto… and Bleach. As you can see, I am a Main stream anime-watcher/manga-reader XD


    • haha I personally don’t know where to start with watching Bleach and Naruto again since I’m up-to-date with the mangas XD

      Fruits basket is very good though! Great for when you want something cute 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


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