CODE GEASS: Lelouch of the Rebellion Episodes 1 – 10

MegaHouse G.E.M Lelouch

Image by Vylen via Flickr


What is my opinion of Code Geass? Right now, it’s getting better. I’m one of those viewers who likes to have a main character that I have something in common with. Someone likeable is preferable, and this is one anime that goes in the completely opposite direction. Lelouch is a rather sad character. Likable on the outside, when he is playing his innocent role for his friends, but otherwise bitterly twisted. The most shocking thing to me was, of course, when he murders Clovis in cold blood. Who can murder they’re own brother? However, I sense the story will give an adequate explanation for this.

The saving grace on this part is Suzaku. He fills in for Lelouch in all the places in which he is lacking. The friendly way in which he deals with people and his warm heart and ideals make him the classic hero. As we are told repeatedly, the two friends have the same goal in mind but very different ways of going about them.

My favourite episode thus far will be the 10th, in which we see Lelouch fighting for his life and Suzaku being a big softie. Another interesting character is … whose disastrous family life gives the characters actions some depth, if leading to a praditable soppy scene towards the end.

All in all, Code Geass is interesting enough for me to keep watching, which is the point in most anime. Has anyone else watched this series? If so what were your thoughts at this point in the anime?


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