JJ PROJECT: JYP Experiment?

Recently debuted duo “JJ Project” has gained massive fame in the K-Pop world since they released their first single “Bounce”. It’s safe to say much of this success can be attributed to both members having major roles in the drama “Dream High 2″ created by JYP. Since the drama’s end, both JB(Im Jay Baum) and JR(Park Jin Young “jr”) have scored a mass of fangirls(and guys!) eagerly awaiting their debut.

FYI, I’m a JR fangirl XD.



These fans are not disappointed! Described as “high energy” by JYP marketing themselves, Bounce definitely makes you want to head bob along to the beat. However, there’s more to this song than being a simple dance track. It seems JYP is experimenting with JJP, as the song included electro, rock and hip-hop influences. In my opinion, while the hip-hop and electro sections blended well, the rock section is quite jarring on the first listen.

Honestly, being a fan of JR as both a dancer and a singer, I was a little disappointed that they were both branded so strictly as JB the singer and JR the rapper. With both of them being so talented, it would be simple to allow them to not have fixed roles and develop a distinctive style. This said, I think JR did fairly well in his rapping, and JB did brilliant with the rock section. The only thing that threw me off in the video was that JR’s voice was so hard core but his face was so relaxed, it didn’t match up well for me.


In term’s of dancing: there wasn’t much, which is a shame. Hopefully, in upcoming videos there will be a better showcase of their dancing ability. Of what little dancing there was, I think it was done well. Much of the dancing captured the feel and emotion of the song at that point. My personal favorite(after the “shake it up for me” part which is everyone’s favorite) was the “let it drop to the floor” bit in which everyone slaps the floor at the end.


Image for these two boys? They kind of look like rockstars, which may or may not have been the point. In any case, the bright colors, and awesome shoes definitely kept things fun. No eyeliner on the bottom lid! HUZZAH! I don’t particularly enjoy boys wearing make-up, especially as I don’t usually wear any myself. In general, I think JR may need to stop trying to look fierce and stick to cute or sullen. JB seems to know how to work the camera, so in general he’s good.


There were changes to the dance routines obviously, to allow JR and JB to sing better.

They still brought the energy they had in the music video.

They sang more or less entirely live – which was awesome.

They had their good performance/attitude moments, mostly at the beginning, a few towards the end.

Both seemed really out of breath about have way through, and the quality of the performance started to slip a little.

All in all they did a good job of performing for rookies! A little more practice and they can get the stamina of label mates 2PM! Having looked at some of their more recent performances, they have definitely upped their game. Much better quality, and lots of attitude!


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