Day 03 – Favorite Linkin Park Album [30 Days of Linkin Park]

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As might be expected from a fan of a band that is currently releasing new music, my “favorite” album has changed quite a bit. It started with the expected “Hybrid Theory” and then switched between that and its follow-up “Meteora“. I was a little disappointed when “Minutes to Midnight” first came out, so it did not become my favorite album. But as of now, after 5 studio albums…I can safely say that my favorite Linkin Park album is:

A Thousand Suns
– Linkin Park

For me, ATS was quite literally an experience. I had never heard a concept album before(which probably contributed to my awe and wonderment) and ATS told a well-defined story. The first time I listened to it, I lay in bed with the lights off and listened the whole way through. Its only at a time like this that your brain just automatically comes up with images to give realisation to a feeling. In my head, I had seen a music video for each song, experienced a situation I may one day have to face and dredged up memories of the past. This is the best general description I can give the album, and the reason why it is my favorite!

Unfortunately, I seem to be in the minority in the Linkin Park fandom. Because, of course, a concept album is not something that can relate to all of humanity. But it did to me…so is that even a valid point?

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4 thoughts on “Day 03 – Favorite Linkin Park Album [30 Days of Linkin Park]

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  2. well i haven’t listened to every linkin park song there, is so i am not really what’s the word.. eligible to say my favorite/least favorite.. i have only heard a few songs including crawling, numb, in the end, etc… i’ve probably heard others but i can’t remember…i’m making a linkin park pandora station now XD


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