Day 04 – Favorite Linkin Park Music Video [30 Days of Linkin Park]


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There are several good Linkin Park videos; mostly for different reasons. There’s the go-to for most people “Numb” which I really liked. There’s “In the End” with the amazing visual effects. Also, there’s the more open concepts like with “From the Inside“, “Shadow of the Day” and “Burning in the Skies“.

For me though, number one will be:

Leave Out All the Rest

-from “Minutes to Midnight” by Linkin Park


Simply because it makes me nerd-happy.

The sci-fi theme is both not only cool, but relevant to the theme of the song. Can you imagine a world in which technology advanced so much that it destroyed the Earth(believe me, we’re well on our way)? What would you say when the spacecraft you escaped in gets pulled into the sun’s gravity? I would think you would say everything in the song. So, I liked the video for capturing that emotion. And for having holographic chess.

But the real reason is because I watched a movie prior to the video’s release: “Sunshine”. The video really fitted perfectly with the movie and I was beyond ecstatic. Had it been on the soundtrack I would have been SO HAPPY.

So, check out “Leave Out All the Rest” below:

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11 thoughts on “Day 04 – Favorite Linkin Park Music Video [30 Days of Linkin Park]

  1. i’m sorry about the randomness of this comment, but do you have another blog besides this one? just wondering. and i might have said this already but i like linkin park, too! maybe not as much as you, lol, but your fandom would be hard to beat! 😉 XD


      • indeed i do! 😀 and well i suppose fans have a way of finding each other… ?? at least we did, lol


      • i haven’t heard them yet, so i’m listening to them now. *imagine me listening* i’m listening to “burn it down” and i really like it!!! hee hee. do you like it?


      • “Burn It Down” is actually probably my least favorite on the album…but maybe it’s just because I had already listened to it 50 times by the time the album was released XD My favorites are “Until It Breaks” and “Lies, Greed, Misery”


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