Day 16 – Favorite Meteora Song [30 Days of Linkin Park]

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Linkin Park

Linkin Park (Photo credit: …ven y siente el RUIDO !)

Now it’s officially the 2nd half of the challenge! How am I doing?

Time for my favorite song from 2nd studio album, Meteora. You maybe confused: you just did “Reanimation”, wasn’t that an album? Not technically. Reanimation was a remix album, hence the name. So, yes I don’t count it as a studio album! Anyway, I’m going off point.

Without a doubt, my favorite song is:

“Breaking the Habit”

– Linkin Park

I believe everyone who has heard this song will understand why. It is exceptionally well done.

Fun fact: This song was written for the fans by Mike Shinoda. He had been told by some fans that Linkin Park’s music helped them get through extremely tough times and he wanted to give them something to show his gratitude. It took Mike SIX(I believe, or 5) years to finish this song.

Although this song was written for those going through horrible things, I believe we can all relate to it.

Thanks Mike!

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5 thoughts on “Day 16 – Favorite Meteora Song [30 Days of Linkin Park]

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  3. Was waiting for you to do this and wondering what you would choose – so many good songs on that album to choose from! So good choice – would prob agree with that against Numb or Somewhere I Belong and so many others!!! How did you choose?


    • I’m glad you approve! I feel like if I had to chose another song after this it would be too hard >_< Well, I suppose this was the first LP song where you kind of get a feeling of there being something behind the lyrics. So, you could take the lyrics at face value or you could think about it…like "clutching my cure" might refer to substance abuse…and the song takes on a whole new level. It's the first strong metaphor song I guess to me. Overall, it's really powerful. I listened to it sooooo much when I first heard it!


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