Bonus – Favorite Living Things Song [30 Days of Linkin Park]

<<< Day 18 <<<

If you didn’t notice before, Living Things was omitted from the original list. I assume this is because the challenge was started before Living Thing’s release. In any case, I thought it would be appropriate to add it in, and to use it to apologize for all the times I missed a post!

Living Things has quite a few interesting and likable songs. Although “Powerless” is a close second, my favorite song on the album will


P1010206 (Photo credit: chanwise)

have to be:


“Until it Breaks”

– Linkin Park, “Living Things”

Now, I’m going to avoid fangirling over Brad Delson singing on this song(he’s so good, I can’t even sing along) until I see a live performance. I am however going to fangirl over the last rap verse and Chester‘s portion.

There’s something so uplifting and suspenseful about Chester’s chorus/verse/section here.

“And when the last bells ring,
The poor men sing:
‘Bring me to Kingdom Come'”

Do you see what I mean? It’s foreboding and inspiring at the same time.

Meanwhile, Mike really experiments with style on this song! He sometimes finishes a beat in the middle of a line, sometimes uses the middle of a word to cap off a rhyme. My favorite:

“‘Separate the weak from the obsolete’
Your meek, I crept hard from impostors”

Yeah, he rhymed “shot ya” with “obso”…and I liked iiit. Over all, this song goes hard.

I missed that part of Linkin Park.

>>> Day 19 >>>


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