[K-POP/HIP HOP] Girl Groups: EVOL

So, to take a small break from all the Linkin Park that has taken over this blog, I decided to do another Korean-Pop post- well K-Hip Hop.

This time, I’m writing my thoughts about a group not even debuted yet! I decided to do this now rather than wait because I have a feeling i’m going to like them so much when they debut that I won’t be able to criticize them. As you may have gathered from the title of this post, it’s about hip-hop girl group, EVOL. They come from the same management company as Block B(discussed earlier), Stardom Entertainment. Now, I really love SE(although I liked their old name better: Brand New Stardom, as in, BNS). Why? Because its artists tend to have quality of raw talent, determination, charisma and openness of character. By raw talent, I mean that the artists themselves cultivated that talent and chose which style they wanted to portray. This could be in dance, singing or rap. Even their public personas.

That said, during my review of JJ Project, you may recall my general distaste of girl groups in Korean music? That’s…changed quite a bit since then. I discovered a few girl groups that ditched the pretty, cutesy girl image and went for something more real. Namely: 2NE1 and f(x). That said, I have only really heard one song by f(x), but they have some really strong rappers and catchy songs.

E-e-e-elecity SHOCK!

Evol looks like it will hit the ranks of these 2 groups in my favorites list. EVOL stands for Effective Voice of Ladies. Backwards it is LOVE. It could also be taken as short for EVOLution. Cool, no? As yet, there’s not much information on each of the members. Some people seem to know exactly who they are and what they did before they became Stardom trainees. I do not. So, I will give you a step-by-step taste of what information I received about Evol.

1. They would be produced by Block B’s Kyung.

This made me happy, because I didn’t know Kyung produced. Also, it meant Evol would not be a weak attempt at hip-hop.

But, I was also a little skeptical, having never heard anything Kyung produced and I was worried they would sound too much like Block B. Even at that point, Evol was being thought of as the “female Block B”. As much as I love Block B, I do not want a female version of them.

2. Audio teasers – Magnet

This quelled my fears a little because although the song has a similar style to Block B, it is still different. I was impressed by the powerful rapping and the cadences of both the singing and rapping. The drumming in the background makes it a particularly awesome, it reminds me of taiko drumming(though I’m likely wrong). My favorite part is towards the end when the flow of the rapping follows that of the music(not the beat exclusively).

3. Audio teasers – Let Me Explode

This is my favorite out of the 2 teasers. The rappers are awesome- even their accents adds to the feeling of the song. Let Me Explode, in my opinion would be a better song to start with in order to differentiate themselves with ALL idol singer groups-including Block B. The vocals take a bigger role than the music in this teaser and I think it’s a great.

4. First video teaser – a dance video of leader Kwon Sohee(SAY <- stage name :/)

She can dance. Really well. And you can see its a natural ability- not something she was trained to do.

Say krumps. Properly. I was a little put off by this honestly because U-Kwon of Block B really loves to krump and it’s the dance style I’ve come to associate him with. Having Say krump just made me compare her to U-Kwon which is not fair to either of them. But, I couldn’t help it. That said, she was powerful, confident and talented in just those few minutes.

That said, I was a little less “OMG SAY SAY ALDKJSLDKFJLSKJDFLSJD!” about the video than most people. I’m not sure why but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s the music in the dance teaser. If that snippet is in the full song I’m almost positive it will be my least favorite part.

And did I hear gorillas?!?!

5. Next teaser

I’m hoping that I’ll get to see the member’s personalities rather than more video snippets in this honestly. Not knowing anything about them is making me anxious.

So all in all, I’m looking forwards to Evol. They look like they can pull off the Hip-hop image, and they have the right amount of talent in the right places to go far. Especially compared to most K-pop girl groups.

Final word of giggles:

EVOL’s official fanclub name is “Vollers”. The other day I realized that “v” is pronounced “b” usually in Korean…hence EVOL fans are “ballers”.


Happy days.

Speaking of happy days, I’m holding off on posting the most hilarious video I’ve seen in my life until Wednesday. And yes it’s K-Pop. 😉


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