Wednesday Music Rec: Tablo [Korean Indie Hip-hop Music]

So I’m a little late on the band wagon with this one, but my recommendation this week is Tablo‘s double album “Fever’s End”. This is the first solo album from Epik High leader, Tablo who recently signed with YG.

I am SO glad I read this article in Wired today. If not, I would not have bothered listening to his music.

Let me tell you Tablo is an EXTREMELY poetic, deep-thinking rapper. You’ll miss out if you let a language barrier stop you from checking him out.


And if you’re interested watch the “commentary film” in which he talks about songs on the album. There’s lots of previews of the songs on it and its where I heard “Dear TV” which is in English and is incredible, but short.

Now I just have to listen to Epik High’s old albums! Since they got signed to YGE something new’s bound to blow me away!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Music Rec: Tablo [Korean Indie Hip-hop Music]

  1. whoa! you like korean music ! XD not k-pop i think since i’ve never heard of those people. but that’s awesome.


      • no i meant i dont think that *YOU* like k-pop. i assumed that *that* band wasn’t so mainstream, but I am not an expert on k-pop at all… so they could have been mainstream, i don’t know. the only bands i know are 2pm, 2am, super junior, snsd, shinee…and some other random people.

        .. i didn’t know there was a band CALLED k-pop but… well i probably won’t listen to them, assuming i get no outside motivation.


      • OHHHHHHHHHH my bad haha Yeah, Tablo is actually an indie hip-hop artist. I only heard of him when he recently joined YGE(the same company as 2NE1 and Bigbang- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LISTENING)…so urm haha I do like k-pop! 2PM is one of my favorites 😀 you should totally read the Wired article I linked ^ though…It’s so intense O_O

        and I’m so happy right now XD you like anime AND k-pop *happy dance*


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