I thought this was an interesting read. Not only is it full of the history of Cuba(which I didn’t know much about previously) but full of cultural insights and fun anecdotes!

Sylver Blaque

U.S. 2005

July 28 

I’m going to Cuba!

Even after our government has (once again) tightened the stranglehold of the embargo.

Even after Bush has issued the order for all Americans to leave Cuba and return to the United States by midnight on July 31st under threat of unaffordable fines, and implied jail time.

And even after every American who knows I’m going has warned me that I’ll be arrested and tortured by Castro, or arrested and punished by our own government. Hmm…’tortured’ by Communists, or ‘punished’ by Homeland Security.

Both sound deadly.

Neither threat deters me.

I’m going to Cuba!

I’m not exactly sure why I’m going. But I am sure it has something to do with being ordered not to. In a democracy, there’s something blatantly un-democratic about being ordered by your government not to travel somewhere.

With a handful of exceptions, Americans haven’t been allowed –…

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