Wednesday Music Rec: Ray Bands – B.O.B

This is the first music recommendation in a while that is in English! Anyway, you may know B.O.B from “Airplanes” ft Haley Williams from Paramore. That’s where I first learned of him too! Ironically, despite the lyrics of Airplanes mostly being about his nostalgia of the past when he wasn’t famous, B.O.B is very famous because of that song.

In any case next on my like list for BOB(aka Bobby Ray) was Magic.

And then he released his album “Strange Clouds“.

And I loved all those songs.

But especially “Ray Bands”. You might confuse the title with a particular brand of sunglasses( 😉 ) so let me quickly go over the point of the song.

Bobby Ray = Ray
Bands = rubber bands = money
“She want them Ray Bands” = she just wants me for my money

So that’s what it’s about!

Unrelated: EvoL released their MV…and this song came out of nowhere! But it was a strategically well chosen(being a dance track) so I’ll roll with it. Please vote it up here!


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