Wednesday Music Rec: Stereopony – Hitohira No Hanabira [J-ROCK]

So, considering this blog is about my Otakuness, it is inevitable that I would feature some J-Rock(Japanese Rock). Why not J-Pop? Because Japanese pop tends to be toooooo cutesy for me. There’s only so much rainbow candy a person can take 😛 On the other hand, there are some really awesome Japanese Rock bands out there. I would really like to also feature Abingdon Boys School(the band not the actual school) on here, but alas no official sources to point you towards.

Moving on…here’s the song I speak of:

This particular song by Stereopony is a Bleach(the anime) ending theme. And I can see why! The thing I like about Stereopony is that they play hard rock but the main vocalist has a clear, sweet voice. Just enough cotton candy to make a meal great. Not only that but each member is really great at what they do. The singer is a great singer. The bassist has some epic bits in their songs. And the drummer. She is completely amazing.

Seeing her drum makes me wanna go steal practice sessions on someone else’s set XD

But on to this song and music video itself:

The video is a little confusing-okay very confusing. What’s going on with those kids? And the cellphone screen? Are they ghosts or something? Or things that have happened/should have happened?

So I had to look up the lyrics. You know, as opposed to painstakingly finding kanji lyrics and translating a word at a time…I’m a bad student *troll face*

Basically the song is about how a relationship changed from being amiable to not-so-happy. There’s a lot of wistful nostalgia in the lyrics which may explain the scenes right after the cellphone passes by. Not sure why there are high school students, other than maybe trying to tie it into the anime. Nor why its raining. Hmmm.

In any case I really like the song itself! It has a catchy hook which is offset by the darker sounding verses in between. It’s very fitting for an anime, especially Bleach. The lyrics, in my opinion, are great. They tell a story, while being poetic, while still being very catchy(at least in Japanese). Even the ending is bittersweet nostalgia.

I like.

I’d like to apologize on the lateness of this post. I didn’t finish it in time to avoid a black-out. A very long blackout. *sigh*


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