Lost In The Message [LINKIN PARK]

I told you earlier that I will continue to write about Linkin Park. Sorry about the delay but I haven’t had the most regular schedule in the last few weeks until now.

Anyway, on to the point of this post: Linkin Park’s new music video, “LOST IN THE ECHO“.

So I hope you connected to Facebook, because otherwise there’s really no point in watching the video. I can tell you when the actors cast in the video began tweeting pictures of various sites and locations where the video was being shot I was very excited. I thought: “Oh great! It’ll be a story focused music video as opposed to a artistic interpretation.”

Well in a sense that’s true…But I have to confess myself disappointed. And somewhat lost in the vague narrative that I’m supposed to glean from the scenes.

But first let me tell you what is good about the video:

– For one thing its a new concept
– It does have a story, though I’m not sure exactly what it is
– It’s interesting enough that you think about it for a bit afterwards
– It incorporates new technology
As far as I’m concerned, the technology is pretty interesting. The fact that the music video is then custom-tailored for each person and that you would then theoretically have an emotional response to it is admirable. But, the technology is still half baked. When I was watching the video for the first time, I got two pictures of one of my fb friends in group photos, a slot machine picture, a blank picture, and the same fb friend again. I understand that it’s difficult(believe me I do, I hope to create this kind of software in the future) but if you simply checked to make sure you get a group of different people the experience would improve vastly. And compared to using facial recognition software, a simple name check would suffice.

However, the technology is still being developed. So maybe when they reach a certain level of maintenance on the software, the experience will vastly improve.

Next, let’s try and figure out what the story is:

We start with a lone man walking through rubble into a house that’s falling apart. In his suitcase are a bunch of pictures which I assume were requested of him by the people waiting to see them. Maybe he’s some kind of private investigator?

Then we move on to repeated scenes of people looking down at pictures then at people with a look of shock/astonishment on their faces before they begin to cry. This made me think that the pictures were what those people looked like before some kind of disaster. Or perhaps they are descendents of the people in the pictures. It would make a little bit of sense since the people holding the pictures almost all seem to be older than their partners.

But then they start screaming…and…disintegrate.


Granted, at that point of the song, the screaming was somewhat powerful. Not to mention shocking. I’m not sure why they disintegrated though. It’s not like the people with the pictures were just figments of imagination right?
Or maybe they were the people that passed in whatever disaster. Perhaps their souls are lost but they can see what they’ve left behind.

But that doesn’t fit with my first thoughts.

What did you think was the story of the video?

The last thing I guess I can talk about is the cinematography:

It was pretty. The colours were bright in the partnered scenes and creepy in the beginning scene. It set the mood the best it could in light of the silly results of the photographs I was looking at.

Sigh… I didn’t want this to be so negative…

In happier news, if you are musically inclined: There’s a Lost In The Echo remix contest!


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