PRO/CONS: Japanese Self-Learning vs Classroom Learning

Well, this works for any kind of self-learning wouldn’t it?

But I’m going to give it to you as a person who started out learning Japanese by myself and then started taking classes(because now I can!) Here are the pros/cons on classroom learning:


+ ability to interact with professor, other students

+ working practice of the language in lessons

+ motivation to learn and practice on a regular basis

+ learning cultural things

My Japanese professor actually put in time to teach us cultural lessons during class. Not only do we bow before and after class, but we were taught to give and receive things two-handed and ironically what a ふろしき(furoshiki) is.


– cannot learn at your own pace

– danger of falling into the “learn until next exam” pitfall

– learning everything at once

– if you are taking other classes also, you tend to not pay as much attention to Japanese

So those are my quick thoughts on the subject. Have you tried to teach yourself a language? How’s it going? How about classes?

I want to know allll your comments.


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