[K-POP] Girl Group Galore

So my current favorites, in no particular order:

1 2NE1

Resident popular girl group of YG Entertainment, 2NE1 has climbed it’s way to the top of the female K-Pop groups in Korea. With the more Americanized-YG sound, 2NE1 has garnered a strong international following. A serious amount of attitude and skill in their relevant areas makes you take notice. Although I’m not the biggest fan of their most recent single, and the fact that they only promoted one, 2NE1 still has a lot to offer so you should give them a shot if you haven’t.

2 f(x)

SM Entertainment girl group f(x) has become more popular of late with the release of Electric Shock. Although not as well loved as label mate SNSD, they have an interesting sound that’s JUST off the pop track. Of particular not, rapper Amber has begun singing in some of the songs on this album and her voice is GREAT! Most would argue that she is what is actually interesting about this group, but the other members bring their own charms.


Label mates of Block B (insert fangirl screaming here), EVOL has proved that they are going to take their music on a slightly different track to their competition. Their debut single, We Are A Little Different, quite plainly states as much. Although this particular track is ironically not that groundbreaking, at least not to an international audience, other singles Let Me Explode and Magnet are definite go tos.


At this point you are probably aware of the trend in the girl groups I have picked(perhaps with the exception of f(x)): hip-hop style or strong female rappers, and often both. EXID is no different to this as rapper LE combines a unique sounding voice with strong self-composed rap verses. Her raps definitely add an edge to EXID’s music and brings out the best in the voices of the other members. This is one group to watch, with Every Night showcasing the best attributes of the group.


I have mentioned GLAM before, and with a comeback scheduled a few years in to the New Year, what better time than now to bring your attention back to them? Let’s be frank, the most interesting thing about the above video is the initially irritating rapping from the group’s two rappers. I say initially because after the first listen, it immediately grew on me. The thing about them is that it incorporates their voices into the song almost like another instrument, there by avoiding the trap of an awkward rap break in an otherwise good song. I have more to say about GLAM so look forward to a feature soon!


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