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Block B‘s new album, BLOCKBUSTER, came out last November. As a BBC(no, not the BBC you’re thinking of) I was completely excited! It had been 8 months since Block B put anything out as they were hiatus because of certain comments…

Anyway, I had been expecting an album like their past albums: hip-hop influenced, rap-heavy and all round awesome. Instead, they blew away my expectations in making the most polished album I have seen from them to date. The album takes Block B on a wild curve from their former style of music and gives us all new everything! Well, Nillili Mambo and No Joke maybe an exception to that, but otherwise all the songs were a complete surprise. Here’s my(very biased, quick) rundown:


Jazz, soft, smooth, well used vocals. Maybe the most lines U-Kwonnie gets! The rapping feels a bit out of place. But good job to Zico for sort of matching the mood. Somehow its a little upbeat despite being serious. A bit like they are teasing you the whole time šŸ˜›


Our beloved intro into Nillili Mambo. Well done Zico, well done.

Nillili Mambo:

The start is off because of the pause. If it had seamlessly come in from the interlude, it would have been perfect. But I love this track and always will! It makes me so happy šŸ™‚ Though it isn’t perfect my fav parts are U-Kwon’s “killing” part as he calls it, Taeil’s bridge and Zico’s lazy/sneaky Nillili Mambo chorus.

Mental Breaker:

SO UPBEAT! I really didn’t expect that. This song puts a stage musical performance in mind, and it must have had the same effect on Block B since that’s what their showcase performance looked like. The best thing about this song is that even though it’s about a girl driving them crazy, they seem to be enjoying it šŸ˜› EXTREMELY few lines from a majority of the band for this song though. Jaehyo is just chilling most of the time. But…LALALALALAA LALALALALALAAA! Jihoon did a really good job with vibe in this song.

No Joke:

Love the soundbite. P.O rocked this song. I love the chorus(more so because “no joke” and “neon gujyeo”[you’re unfitting?] sound so similar). Zico brings it for the first time on the album. Plus I just want to see some serious dance cover krumping to this track!

Movie’s Over:

Zico is not by far the best singer in Block B. Nor is he even that good. But for someone who supposedly can’t sing he did Ā a good job, and like the band said numerous times, he got the feeling across the best. Sweet voices and technically correct singing just wouldn’t give across the right mood. So I agree. But another song where much of the band played back up to their frontman.

Where You At:

Straight out of a drama OST land far far away, Taeil’s voice takes me away. You tend to forget how awesome he is when he’s messing around with the kids.

Dreams Come True:

A little slow til Jinhoonie comes in. “Go lady~”. I love singing the chorus of this song! Even though I can’t speak Korean! So it’s just gibberish! Very jazzy again, but in a trendy way?

Did It Or Not:

How I loved this song in Welcome to the Block! Now though, in contrast, it seems unrefined next to the smoothness of Dreams Come True and 11:30. I still love the chorus though. There’s something about the heart in this track.


Ah, back to the beginning. Makes the BBC in me soo happy šŸ˜€ Great way to end an album that may be the last Block B album we’ll get for a while. šŸ˜¦

For non-Block B fans, you may now turn away.

For BBCs, now is the time to support Block B more than ever. I am of courseĀ appalledĀ at the situation they are in right now and wish them all the best in their futureĀ endeavors, whether as a group orĀ individually. With the mixtapes put out by Zico and Kyung(and now P.O!) I have more confidence that they have decided to keep fighting for their dreams.

Let’s hope EVOL is treated fairly.



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