Japanese Music Recommendations [OTAKU POST]

The N0 Bubblegum Edition

As time has gone on, I realised that my obsession with K-Pop and Korean music in general is not helping my Japanese Language skills. Therefore, I went in search of Japanese music that I would actually like. I write this with a small dose of sarcasm because, in my opinion, the majority of Japanese pop music is fluffy, bubblegum-popping electronic music with extremely high-pitched vocals layered on top. Don’t even get me started on Vocaloid. Now, if that’s your thing, have at it! It is not however my thing.

That said and out of the way, I can tell you what I do like about Japanese music: real bands. Japanese rock music(not Visual Kei, not pop-rock) is pretty damn good and if there is English involved…well now I can sing along too! Although this list may not be all of your favorites, and may well be very old bands/songs, but it’s what I like. Here’s my list of favorite Japanese artists to the date of this post.

Note: This list is not ordered by my personal favorites, but rather the approximate order in which I discovered each artist.

1. Abingdon Boys School

After watching their “Howling” music video I was hooked. I actually did not watch Darker than Black, the anime this song was an opening theme for, but I did fall in love with the anime style of the song.

Check it out here. (Sorry, if there is a way to embed, my poor Japanese skills missed it)

2. UVERworld

I realize that I just told you that I dislike electro music(or at least the bubblegum kind). UVERworld, however, is not bubblegummy, so I like their brand of electro-rock.

Check it out here.

3. Scandal

Yet another exception to the rule, although I would consider Scandal a pop-rock group, this girl band knows how to rock and have their own swag when they do it. I approve-even though I can’t always enjoy the high-pitched singing.

Check it out here.

4. Sakanaction

Introduced to me by a fellow Japan-lover and a person who knows a lot more Japanese than me, I got pretty excited when I liked this song.

5. Stereopony

Despite their recent breakup, still my favorite Japanese all-girl rock band. Check out some of my favorite songs:

One is here and the other is here.

6. Namie Amuro

I’m still trying to decide what songs of hers I actually like, but one thing I do like is her attitude. Strong girls rock!

7. Superfly

Just like above, but I haven’t looked beyond this song at this point.

8. One OK Rock

I found them last, and ABSOLUTELY love One Ok Rock(1 o’clock). Expect a review in the future!

Those are my favorite Japanese rock bands thus far. What Japanese music do you listen to? Any recommendations?


5 thoughts on “Japanese Music Recommendations [OTAKU POST]

  1. You like abingdon boys school! I love them, they’re my favourite band! I also like ONE OK ROCK and UVERworld. Some other cool groups that I like are Onmyouza, Kalafina, Nano and FLOW.


    • They are pure AWESOME! Wow, I checked out Onmyouze and Kalafina so far and I really like them! I might just plug quite a few of these 😛 You have a pretty interesting blog by the way. Expect to see me there soon!


      • Ah, that’s cool, glad you enjoyed them. Which Onmyouza & Kalafina albums/singles did you check out? My favourite Onmyouza album is Kishibojin and my favourite Kalafina.. I’m not sure. Red Moon or Seventh Heaven.
        Probably out of the four I recommended there, FLOW is the weakest. They do have some pretty cool stuff though.
        If you liked my blog, you might also want to check out Kurayami Monogatari, Japanese Melodia and Just Another Heaven, they’re also music review blogs with interests that may coincide with yours.
        I can give you more music recommendations if you want too.


      • I listened to Kalafina – Magia and Onmyouza-Kokui no tennyo. I really liked the dramatic, opera-like vibe they had! Sort of reminds me of the better stuff Evanescence had back in the day. Thanks for the blog recommendations! I liked most of them actually 🙂

        Superfly is pretty cool, though there’s been only one song I really liked a lot. Sakanaction has some great stuff though!


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