TED TALK: How books can open your mind

“No body there to teach me? Fine. I turned to books!” 

At the risk of this blog becoming a place to post my favorite TED talks, I give you yet another. One that’s dear to my heart: books! I’ve always read, I remember reading the likes of Wilber smith at 11 years old. How much I have learned about life through reading the thoughts of other people. 

Currently reading: A Feast of Crows (a Song of Ice and Fire Series)

What can you possibly learn from the Game of Thrones? You learn about the ugliness of war and human destruction. Death, degradation, humiliation, greed, hunger, ambition, rage, desperation, hope. All the emotions that we the fortunate ignore in order to live our lives in a state of blissful ignorance. There are places in the world as bleak as the Iron Islands. There are countries as war torn as Westeros is during the Game of Thrones.

But, before I turn this into a book review, praise to books! And, for my part I think it’s better to donate all your children’s books rather than your out grown clothes. 


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