[OTAKU POST] Honorable Anime Mentions

Having recently started getting back into anime, I’ve come across a few gems in the last year. Here to share as always.

Shizuo (Durarara!)

Photo by MicroBry(Flickr)


Possibly the best internal struggle, psychological drama type anime I’ve seen since Neon Genesis Evangelion and Death Note, Durarara is a must see if you haven’t tried it out yet. There’s some surprising twists and turns in the plot and the characters are developed enough to make it actually compelling rather than just a time drain.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

This one crept up on me as I fully expected it to be a brain-drain type anime to pass the time and slightly amuse me. It was however, a deeply introspective look into the minds of the secluded disguised as a shoujo(少女). If that wasn’t intriguing enough for you to go check it out, I don’t know what is!

With that, this is a really short list! I’m currently watching Sword Art Online and a few others. Maybe once I really get into it, I’ll post again!


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