[K IDOL HIP-HOP] Bangtan Boys: Keep on Keeping On

This is a post that has been a long time coming. Basically, its been on the way since No More Dream was released.

In the absence of my bias group, Bangtan was just the right amount of hip-hop, swag, rap, cute and funny that I needed. The one downside to this group for me is I am now experiencing some EXTREME noona-fan problems. Only three of the members, J-Hope and Suga and Jin, are around my age. So…I just feel like a creeper. All the time.


Anyway, on to the reasons why I have become a BTS stan.

Exhibit A: Mad rap and dance skillz

Quite frankly, the organization of the track is pretty simple and catchy. The repeated calls of “what?” help bring attitude reminiscent of American mainstream hip-hop along with those roars by Rap Monster. What really catches my attention with this song is how the rappers deliver just the right flow and intonations to keep an otherwise simple backtrack interesting. Rap Monster, Suga and Jung Kook are stand outs here, with the tone of each of their voices contrasting each other but complementing the song.

As for dancing, it’s no secret that Bangtan is known for their clean choreography; they are incredibly in sync(ahhh no pun intended!) However, it’s the ending dance break that wows everybody. From the techniques displayed to the hat tricks,(ohhhh the puns!) they seemed to be capable than most new rookies right off the bat.

Exhibit B: Awesome in performances, great title song

Another quality Bangtan touts everywhere they go is their ease at stage performances. Comments are often made on how their attitude on stage is like that of a seasoned veteran rather than a rookie group. I feel the same way. It’s too often that you see groups lip-syncing or letting the backing vocals do too much of the work during performances. Seriously, you are ‘singers’ after all-sing on stage! This is especially annoying if the idol in question can sing well live. Anyhow, you can tell these boys are not lip-synching, and that they are giving it their all during every performance. Poor RapMon, that bridge probably kills his throat…kills mine!

Let me not forget to mention the lyrics and story around their title song. Written almost entirely by the members, the lyrics encourage young people to follow their dreams and not necessarily those of the people around them. What a great message! Like seriously! It’s extremely relatable and I’m sure inspiring for a lot of Korea’s youth. When former underground rapper RapMon is asked why he chose to go mainstream, he replies that he wanted to share his voice and message with more people. TOO awesome.

FYI, Suga and Rap Monster were both underground rappers before this. My BBC feels are activated~

Exhibit C: Woah, they can sing too!

Woah. Jung Kook, Jimin…Jin, V…y’all so GOOD. Where has this been hiding? If there is one thing I wish BTS had done, it would be to include their vocals more profusely in their promoted singles, or else use this as a promotion track. It’s not everyday that you find a hip-hop group that can actually sing. And this is a really soothing song to listen to. Not really sure if I like the lyrics of this one, though I know it’s relatable to a lot of other people.

Lastly, is the quality of the music they write in general. It’s just too good. Here’s some final attempts to convert you into an A.R.M.Y member:


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