5 Japanese Self-Learning Resources to Tickle Your Tummy – FREEBIE [OTAKU POST]

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This time we’re talking all about the lovely Korean learning site: Talk To Me In Korean! The site was started by Hyun Woo Sun…who also happened to be the man in the video I embedded last post!


Note: DO not try to learn both Japanese and Korean at the same time. It is too confusing o_O I tried to do both, and managed to learn both Hiragana and simple Hangul together. BUT…I’ve put my Korean learning on halt for a bit. But I will get back to it!

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5 Japanese Self-Learning Resources to Tickle Your Tummy – P5 [OTAKU POST]

Have you missed the rest of the series?! Then go here to read ’em all!

The last in our Japanese series is about SRS learning program Anki.


Watch the following video by TTMK founder Hyun Woo Sun. It’s truly inspirational for all new language learners!

What do you use Anki for? Japanese/other languages or even other subjects?

And don’t forget to come back for the freebie next week!

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5 Japanese Self-Learning Resources to Tickle Your Tummy – P4 [OTAKU POST]

Did you miss Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3? Where have you been?! Go READ!

Continuing on the trend of kanji(which in my opinion is the hardest part of Japanese) this week’s all about online Japanese-English dictionary Denshi Jisho.


I didn’t actually know about the kanji stroke order thing(it tells you the stroke order for writing kanji. When I learn to write Japanese I’ll definitely be using that.

Credit: brushes used by Obsidian Dawn

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5 Japanese Self-Learning Resources to Tickle Your Tummy – P3 [OTAKU POST]

Did you miss Part 1 and Part 2? Then go and read ’em!

This time, it’s all about KanjiDamage…you’ll never look at kanji the same again!!!! Okay…that may be an exaggeration.


Note: you should figure out what exactly Onyomi and Kunyomi are before you start. I’m still a little confused *dizzy*

Are you using KanjiDamage? Share your method to learning in the comments below!

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5 Japanese Self-Learning Resources to Tickle Your Tummy – P2 [OTAKU POST]

So if you missed it, I already talked about learning how to speak Japanese via audio lessons.

Part 2 is about a Japanese self-learning textbook- written by a second language Japanese student: TextFugu.


I personally feel that lifetime membership($130) is too expensive for me right now. And I know I will waste the $20/month subscription when I miss some days of learning. So I decided to find other ways to teach myself kanji.

On the other hand, I’m looking for some more traditional style Japanese learning textbooks. Recommendations?

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Credit: brushes used on image by obsidiandawn.

5 FREE Productivity Apps/Sites that will Save Your Life as a College(or high school) student

1. Evernote– free note taking app

Portable Document FormatRather than writing a long and boring gush fest of why Evernote is amazing, I’m just going to give it to you in fact form:


+ notes accessible on the web, desktop/laptop, Android, iPhone(or iTouch).

+ can attach websites, notes, voice notes, images, photos, screenshots, PDFs and even more if you splurge on the pro account

+ automatically sync so you never accidentally delete something FOREVER

+ you don’t need to send it somewhere to be sure you can access it later, it’s all accessible on the web!


– you run out of memory if you try to upload too many images in a month, but that’s what the paid accounts are for


. everything…I recently wrote an entire English essay (including notes and outlines) on there. I also have PDFs of my homework saved

. More uses at HACKCOLLEGE.

2. Studyblue– digital flash card creator

US Navy 100310-N-4178C-005 Three-year-old Joey...

Image via Wikipedia

Again, not for everyone, but as a smartphone user, I’d prefer to have a digital flash card deck than a physical one.


+ apps for iPhone and Android

+ ability to create flashcards on your mobile device(didn’t used to have, but now does. awesome)

+ can also create notes and access items from other people in your classes


– more suited to university students as it is more likely to be used by your peers


. most of my more note-heavy, research intensive classes are best dealt with using the digital note summaries followed by digital flashcards

3. Open Office– productivity suite

Typewriter adler3

Image via Wikipedia

LOVE THIS. Moreover, it is also FREE.


+ has word processing, spreadsheets, formula bank, drawing suite, database manager (i.e everything other productivity suites have but free)

+ can export to more commonly used formats and read/edit them too (think .doc)


– doesn’t look as pretty as paid-for apps. But do you really care, poor college student?


. everything that has a need. mostly the word processor and spreadsheets are used for school projects.

4. Hackcollege (mentioned earlier)

Global City Innovative College students inside...

Image via Wikipedia

Also related is Lifehacker, a more general version for the everyday tech hound.


+ various topics on life, studying, applications you should get, things you should do

+tips from fellow college students


– may not agree with the writer’s opinions allll the time, but again, do you really care?


.tips on college life

.heads up on new, interesting productivity apps that make studying “smarter not harder”

5. sleepyti.me bedtime calculator

English: Students need sleep in order to study.

Image via Wikipedia

 This is basically your mother in a friendly web app. Remember when you had a bedtime? 


+ tells you when to wake up if you go to sleep now

+ tells you when to go to sleep when you have to wake up at a certain time


-tells you that the average time it takes someone to fall asleep is 14 minutes, but does not factor that in


. on days when i absolutely have to get up at a certain time, this is awesome

. also, when I have all the time in the world, it’s a good indicator of when to wake up so you don’t feel like death despite all the sleep I got last night,

Recom. Package #3 – 06/09/2010 – Art Blogs

1. Craft Gawker

It’s not really a blog- but it’s still amazing! The number of ideas I got by looking at the site every day was amazing! It’s a really great way to get the juices flowing during those LONG holidays 😀 I don’t really remember who introduced it to me, but it’s probably one of the others on this list!

2. Life and Art of Andrea Rodgers

She’s AWESOME! Not to mention the fact that a few food posts grace the site too! My absolute favourite is her Artist of the Day posts 🙂 They make my happy, lol.

3. The Art Sandwich

Sooooooooo good! Lots of DIY ideas and of course, FOOD. Gettit? Art and sandwiches? hehe.

4. In Limbo

Not exactly an Art Blog, but she does post a LOT of craft ideas! Besides, she’s interesting 😛


5. Chris Floyd: Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances.

Not really an art blog(AGAIN), but it IS a photo blog! And by a very, very, awesome photographer. Pssssssst…there’s celeb pics too! lol

Random tantrum: Are there no other cool WordPress Themes out there??!?

Look out for some excerpts from my Nano novel!

Recom. Package #1 – 14/08/10 – Graphics

So I like graphics. And by graphics I mean message board icons. However, also web design and photo manipulation. I also happen to be a cheapo and therefore love all things free and GPL 😛 Here’s a few sites/programs I stalk all the time. And I claim NO responsibility for any damages that occur with use of these products. Use at your own risk and make sure it’s from the official site.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

This is an image manipulation program/graphics program for 2D images and basic graphic drawings. It is a GPL (General Public License) program created by several talented programmers. It’s free(of course), is constantly being improved(plus), included optional filters(super plus) and it’s legal(YAY). Although it is not as user-friendly and easy to use as some of the major graphics creation software out there, I find with a little effort and with time, the effects produced by a profit-based program can be achieved using GIMP.


This is another GPL program created by the peeps who made GIMP. It’s specifically for 3D modeling and animation. I’m not very familiar with it yet, but it has great potential! Make sure you have lots of ROM left if you decide to download it though. It’s HUGE!

Obsidian Dawn

My major source for cool, usable brushes. Everything you need to make a photo POP or a graphic interesting. Plus…the brushes can be used both in Photoshop and GIMP!

FoxRichards’s Facemaker

Just a really cool manga-style face maker. For when you need to flesh out a character’s appearance.

That’s it for today! Have fun and remember to beware when you download stuff! I always am 😀